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  • Call us: 888-990-6595
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Ian Dixon has a 15 year background in finance, marketing and sales. Mr. Dixon’s background includes many functions as a successful real estate financier and former mortgage banker. He is currently very active in project acquisition, deal structure, finance, and vendor and partner relationships.
Prior to working in this space, Mr. Dixon spent over 12 years in various aspects of finance with a concentration in commercial real estate and secondary marketing. He has worked in multiple capacities including project acquisition, land entitlement, negotiation, finance and project management. Mr. Dixon owned and operated multiple real estate brokerages and an Inc. 500 bank employing over 300 employees nationwide 2003-2009
Mr. Dixon has secured major publishing deals for his father’s life work Egypt’s Nile Is Alive. He has
dedicated endless hours to the pursuit of seeing his father’s dream come true of being able to teach
modern man how to become one with the cosmic order by learning to live with a heart and
consciousness. Mr. Dixon has also ran a sports tape company called War Tape which has domestic and international distribution. The sports tape he invented has been on the hands of various world champions in MMA and Boxing from Manny Pacquiao, to Anderson Silva and Rhonda Rousey. He has successfully partnered with multiple fortune 500 companies such as ABG, Tapout, Reebok, UFC, Dr. Smoothie, Focus Brands, Chevron and Starbucks.