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  • Call us: 888-990-6595
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Welcome to Viride Fund I

Welcome to Viride Fund 1, and let me start by saying thank you for your interest in our investing platform and for sharing our vision for the future. At Viride Fund 1, we have a core belief that hemp & cannabis related businesses and real estate will be the key for anyone’s sustainable and long term investment portfolio success. As both hemp & cannabis investors and real estate principals and a range of roles our Board of Directors and Management team consist of both cannabis and business experts. Our underwriting approach to risk assessment, along with a background in cannabis based businesses along with a successful track record weigh very heavily upon our decision to move forward with a client request for financing.


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75% of the funds focus is primarily women

75% of the funds focus is primarily women in Cannabis.

Investment in a series of medical cannabis assets

Rights to invest in a series of medical cannabis assets across cultivation, manufacturing and distribution.

Individual Approach

We are always looking for specific approach to each cases.

Established in 2016

Established in 2016, Viride Fund I builds businesses in legal medical cannabis markets.

Investment Porfolio Success

Cannabis related businesses and real estate will be the key for anyone’s investment portfolio success.

Ambitious Enterpreneurs

We invest in ambitious entrepreneurs and iconic businesses shaping the cannabis industry.

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